The Moomins: 1945 to 1970

The moomin books were written and 
illustrated by the talented Tove Jansson.

The first book "The Moomins and the Great Flood" was published in 1945. 
 It's the story of Moominmamma and Moomintroll’s search for the 
missing Moominpappa, and how they found their way to the Moominvalley.

 In 1946 came "Comet in Moominland".
This book introduces Snufkin and the Snorkmaiden, and is set in Moominvalley.

The third book, "Finn Family Moomintroll", was published in 1948.
This was the first Moomin book to be published in English, and 
was marketed as the first in the series until the 1980s.

 "The Exploits of Moominpappa" was published next, in 1950.
In 1968 it was revised under the title "Moominpappa’s Memoirs". 
The story found in this book is mentioned in the previous Moomin 
books, as Moominpappa writes his memoirs in those stories.

 "The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My" was the first 
Moomin picture book and was published in 1952, in Swedish. 
The story tells of Moomintroll, taking milk back home to his mother, 
when he meets The Mymble who is searching for her missing sister,
Little My. Together the pair go looking for her.

 1954 saw the publication of Tove Jansson's fifth book, "Moominsummer Madness".
The story of an infuriating, but ultimately rewarding, theatre production.

 In 1967 Jansson's sixth book, "Moominland Midwinter", was published. 
This book introduces a darker, more introspective tone, compared to the 
earlier books, which continues in the remainder of the series.

 "Who Will Comfort Toffle?" was published in 1960.
This is the second Moomin picture book to be produced.
The book tells the tale of Toffle, who leaves his home to look for friends, 
and eventually finds the Miffle, who he rescues from The Groke.

 The Groke

"Tales from Moomin Valley" was published in 1962.
 This was the seventh book in the Moomin series and is a book of short stories.

In 1965 came the eighth book, "Moominpappa at Sea".
In the novel the Moomin family head off to live in a lighthouse on a tiny island.

 The last Moomin story "Moominvalley in November" was published in 1970.
 Set in the final days of Autumn and the approach of Winter, various characters
begin to experience a change within themselves and decide to travel to
Moominvalley where they can visit the Moomins

 Tove Jansson no longer wrote about the Moomins after 1970, but in 1977
"The Dangerous Journey" was published, which is a children’s picture book.
It follows the nightmarish adventures of Susanna, the Hemulen, Sniff, 
Sorry-Oo, Thingummy and Bob through Moominvalley.

 Besides Moomin books, Tove wrote 12 novels and short stories during her career.
You can find a list of them HERE.

She passed away in 2001, at 86 years of age. 

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  1. Goodness! Well l never did!
    Learn summat every day, and, l've
    learnt summat to~day!
    The Moomins came out of books!
    Back in the 80's they popped up on the
    telly. Me and my daughter always watch
    them. I never gave them a thought, they
    came from books. Always thought they were
    written just for television.
    I'll look out for them, take a peek, if
    there not to wordy, l may buy one..or...two!

    1. Oh, I loved the Moomins as a child, and still love the books and illustrations as an adult. Slightly creepy but wonderful :)

  2. Love the Moomin universe! Basically the heroes of my childhood. :')

  3. The style of her books, heavy on illustrations and light on words, bring to mind the style of Gorey.

  4. I've never heard of this author before but her books all look so delightfully imaginative!

  5. I always loved the Moomin characters, the mysterious look of them, but I have never read any of the stories or watched them on TV. Thanks for this. Now I am more intrigued than ever, especially with the creator. Thanks for this rundown.

    1. Such a wonderful collection of books to inspire ♥

  6. I've never heard of these books or author before... maybe they weren't widely available here in the USA. The author had a very magical and wonderful imagination!

    1. Definitely worthy of a little research ♥

  7. Hi Yvonne, I have not heard of these books either, but they are cute and so are the creatures. :-)

  8. Hi Yvonne, I love the Moomins! One of my great regrets is selling a collection of Moomin books each signed and inscribed by Tove Jansson. It was in the very early days of my bookselling adventures. I sold them for a good sum of money but how I wish they were still sitting on my shelves!
    I loved this post and all the images, thank you for sharing it. xx

    1. I knew you'd love the Moomins as much as I do ♥

  9. Moomins <3 one of my fav series as a kid, even though they usually made me cry. This was a great post!

  10. I love all the funny names! Moomins! LOL

  11. I have never heard of these books or the author. I have to search now! Excellent post! Thank you! Big Hugs!


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