A Study in Scarlet

While browsing for vintage treasures on etsy lately, I came across
a number of gorgeous scarlet items, which I simply had to share.

Like this Alfred Werber 1960s secretary dress.
You can find it at Miss Kingsley Vintage.

 A beautiful 1920s bakelite necklace, via Old Treasure Trunk.

 An antique botanical print, via Paper Popinjay.

This gorgeous Olivetti Valentine typewriter, via Trulleberg.

A 1980s rotary phone, via Soviet Mentality.

A beautifully ornate 1930s book, via Tresors des Pyrenees.

This weird and wonderful 1950s lamp, via Arianes Superette.

A cute 1960s teapot, via Euro Vintage.

Arcoroc cups and saucers (I haven't seen these in red, before), via Vintage Landia.

And for one or two of my scarlet shop treasures, simply *click*.

I hope you enjoyed browsing this study in scarlet.
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. When l first saw the title....
    I thought, great..Sherlock Holmes...!
    HeHe! A Study in Scarlet was Conan Doyle's
    first book about the great detective..!
    Followed by..The Sign of Four..! Elementary! :).

    I do have to chuckle when l see those French wine
    glasses....I 'still' have six, in the cupboard
    under my glass cabinet...Had them years, they
    were my Mums..Never used, don't drink wine out of
    coloured glasses..Just 'NOT' done...Sacrilege....!!!

    But! I do love that 'fishy' lamp thing..Very different!
    Could see that sitting in my castle some place!
    Yes! definitely....!!!
    And...Seeing the tea~pot...Time for another lemon tea....
    Ciao! Ciao! :).

  2. I really love that book cover! <3 And that lamp O_o it's so weird, it would look great in a minimal environment!


  3. You should've seen my grin when I saw the typewriter and the telephone. I was sure my face was going to split in two. Sooo beautifully red! ♥

  4. MMMm so many pretty things! The fish lamp is a little disturbing but very interesting!

  5. Lovely objects! I am drawn to that botanical print. I've never seen anything quite like that Fish lamp!

  6. I want them all! Gorgeous and unique items!


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