Vintage Velvet

 You may well have heard me squeal with delight when I clapped eyes on
this stunning, red velvet, 1950s dress, at Alexandra King Design.


I'm loving this pirate-esque, antique beauty, from Anthea's Attic - London.

I'm also completely in love with this 1930s dress, from Antique Graces.

A lady can never have too many velvet coats!
I'm coveting this 1940s gem from Lucky Dry Goods.

1960s finery!  This next coat is perfect, and definitely something I'd wear
(if only it were my size)!  I discovered it at Vic and Bertie Vintage.

Also from Vic and Bertie Vintage, these 'Granny Takes a Trip' jeans.
(not something I'd wear, or even fit in to, but I know a girl who would).

And so, to the 80s...

I love finding Laura Ashley dresses, and this blue velvet
one, from Crone Crow Vintage is completely lovely.

Finally, one for the gents...

These vintage style bow ties come in an array of colours, and have
been hand made, using the softest velvet, by Scocca Pappilon - Italy.

Did I mention that I love velvet?

For more velvet, simply visit the Melancholy and Menace Shop.

Have a perfect weekend!


  1. ooooO! ooooO! Must jump on this...!!! :).
    I used to love velvet..wore it all the time..
    The feel of it, wearing it...superb!
    The best item l had was a pair of 'red' yes
    red..not pink..a pair of red 'hip'pants.....
    (trousers). You wore on your hips..With 22inch
    flared bottoms, with a pair of white patent boots!
    Is that evil...or is that evil...!!! :).
    Oh! And a pair of green patent pants...! "Nuff Said".

    Oh! Love those dicky~bows to...I have 37 dicky~bows,
    8 of which are velvet evening dress bows! And, 32
    flashy waistcoats to go with them...HeHe! As l always
    say.."Every street is a catwalk".

    Just had a peek on e~bay...Pair of deep red ladies
    trousers, flared..At Top Shop....£9:99...
    Go get'em...!!! :>)

  2. Agreed, and that favorite coat of yours - wonderful!

  3. Love the little gold collared dress. Now that's a swingy number!

  4. You know more than one person who would. I would totally rock those pants! ♥

  5. One of each please! Vintage velvet oh my! Nothing comes close and should be coveted 💜 xo

  6. These are beautiful. I love velvet! Such fabulous colors and styles. :)

  7. Hi Yvonne, I actually owned one of the Laura Ashley long velvet dresses in that exact shade of blue. I felt like the bee's knees when I wore it.
    As for the 1930s dress from Antique Graces – swoon.
    I bet you added the dickie-bows especially for Willie!

  8. Yvonne, I love everything you have shown! I would wear them all too, even the bow ties! Those pants are amazing! Big Hugs!

  9. Oh the 30's dress and pirate-esque coat are gorgeous! They all are though right? I love velvet too, so soft. Thanks Yvonne. :-)

  10. We Aussies always joke that we can only wear proper velvet one month a year without dying,but it really is true!

    Gorgeous items!


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