Dracula Covers

Here are a few Dracula books with eye-catching cover illustration.


This first edition was published in 1897, by Archibald Constable and Co.,
this is the first American edition, published by Doubleday and McClure, in 1899.

A pretty 1901 edition.

 A rare 1902 edition, also published by Doubleday & McClure.

 1904, published by Constable.

 Rider & Co., 1927.

1930, Grosset and Dunlap.

This is a 1932 edition I've been coveting.

 A 1947 edition, in paperback, by Pocket Books.

A Signet paperback, with awesome cover illustration, published in 1965.

  A collectible Penguin paperback, circa 1970.


 A 1980s Ladybird Book.

 A 1990s Penguin Classics paperback.


 A modern Penguin paperback; I love the cover art.

And if you're feeling a little bloodthirsty after reading this post...

I've recently listed these French Draculaesque glasses.

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Have a perfect day.


  1. Fantastic covers....My favourites...
    The 1947 one...Goodness! The year l was invented! :).
    And, the 1970 one, with the hand on the side of the
    coffin...Brilliant that!

    But, the Ladybird one did make me chuckle....!!! :0).
    Dracula...Has to be one of the all time classics!
    Not, that l've read any of them....But! But! I've seen
    ALL..ALL..of the films...many...many times over!

    1. Oh! Forgot to say...
      4 o'clock to~day on the Horror channel..
      Dr Terrors House of Horrors....1965.
      6 different horror stories, including
      the two greatest horror actors, Cushing
      and Lee...! Not to be missed!

  2. These covers are amazing!! The 1930 one is my favorite I believe :)

  3. I own a few of these including the 1947 cover; and, I have a Kindle case in the 1907 cover. I'm always on the lookout for the original one that I read which was a library edition. I wish I had stolen that copy, sigh :-/

  4. What a fabulous array of Dracula book covers. I like all of the early ones and that 1932 Modern Library one is fabulous. I also like the Pocket Book one's cover. I used to collect paperbacks from that era, and still have quite a few of them. I don't think I have the Dracula one though. xxx

  5. What a wonderful thing to collect!

  6. Edward Gorey is one of my favorites!

    It was fun to see all these different covers. Amazing to see how they are the same and how they are different! Fascinating. :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. You know I love the Signet 1965 edition, and the last two Penguin editions. Just stunning!

    Hh... I might copy your idea and start collecting the different editions of One Hundred Years of Solitude.

  8. Amazing covers! This would be so much fun to collect!

  9. I can’t make up my mind if the 1930 Grosset and Dunlap cover is portraying The Jolly Green Giant or The Incredible Hulk! Love it! I also really like the one published by Constable in 1904 and the one you covet published in 1932. After that they all get a bit too scary for me (wimp that I am).
    Thanks for sharing all these, I enjoyed them very much (even the scary ones!). xx

  10. wow you have quite a selection of these books souds you are in love with such stories ,in my teens i was fond of horror stories but now i lost my interest in them ,thanks for sharing


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