May Monster Madness

The party is here!

For my contribution to the proceedings, not only have I been sharpening my fangs,
and rummaging through the cellar in search of that fine vintage blood wine,
but I've also been creating a little something...

 It started with a glass ball, which is actually
a 3.5" vase for holding small-stemmed flowers.

 I poured a little garden soil into it, and spread that across the base.

 Next I added (with great difficulty) a clump of live moss, and
pressed this firmly into the soil, before sprinkling it with water.

I then moved onto the next step...

 This little lady was pretty 'armless' when I found her...

 But now, with the help of acrylic paint and
permanent markers, she's a brain-devouring Zombie.

 I popped her into her new home.  She seemed to
like it, but there was still something missing.

 A friend...

 Did I say friend?

I meant corpse.  Her death was a tragic one, and
now she lies bleeding, with her own heart in her hands.

 Yes, the perfect addition.  I think Zombie likes her.
I also added a couple of ammolite stones, to brighten the place up a bit.

 And tied a ribbon to the top, so it can be hung anywhere.

 I hope you like the Zombie Jungle.

There are other designs available in My Etsy Shop.

I can't wait to see everyone else's contributions to the party!

Many thanks to all the party hosts...


  1. This is freakin' fang-tastic, Yvonne!! I LOVE it!! :D Thank you for being part of May Monster Madness! ❤

    1. Haha, thank you Emma, loving the party so far, and not a drop of 'wine' has passed my lips, yet. ♥

  2. Wow! That's brilliant..Yes! Love It..!
    And, nowt like an 'armless' lady..!

    Think l have a bowl like that..Under the
    bed somewhere l think..Must take a look! :).

    Oh! And, my daughter received the book, she
    was well pleased, especially with your wrapping
    skills..She says thankyou!

  3. I love this. It's so creative. I want one. You should consider selling these via etsy. Either way... Great job.

  4. You are funny Yvonne and very creative too.


  5. "Did I say friend? I meant corpse." Oh that made me laugh! A beautiful bauble, I'm sure your friend will love it!

  6. Nice craft. Have a great weekend.

  7. My shrieking at the sight of your contribution was the thing of legends, Yvonne. I mean, you've planted a Zombies with a friend! How cool is that? I love your delightfully creepy creativity, and feel an intense need to copy it.

    Happiest MMM!

  8. Zombie Jungle! Yay! What a creative project! I love that you up-cycled your container, too.

  9. Oh my gawds! That's a really cute idea! I LOVE IT!!! Happy May Monster Hop!

  10. Great crafting! Love the idea and the execution too.

  11. I love this, you genius! I want one. xxx

  12. That looks amazing Yvonne ... look forward to seeing what else you come up with. Fancy having a zombie loving friend !!! Made me smile.

  13. I want one of these to hang on my Creepmas tree! ♥

  14. Wow, I love this, what a brilliant ornament Yvonne and it would look great on a creepmas tree as Holly suggested above.

  15. That's so simple and so cool! It would make a great subtle Halloween decoration or tree ornament for Christmas. :)

  16. Such a fun and creative decoration. Your friend is lucky to receive such a gift.

  17. How cool is this?!? Awesome is all I can say!

  18. That's fantastic, how creative you are! xxx

  19. That "bauble" is sooooo cool!!! Your friend id going to scream when she see's it. :D XXX

  20. Wicked cool!!!! Your friend is going to love your creation!!!

  21. Oh, my, that is awesome!! :D
    I have 3 of these glass balls at home too, I guess it's time to get creative^^

  22. It's so revolting... it's fantastic!!!!

  23. Wow Yvonne! You're so clever! Love it! Its so unique too. Very creepy. *0*

  24. Totally amazing, Yvonne!
    Btw, have you gotten my emails?

  25. Gruesome but strangely attractive hehe
    I hope life is being kind to you Yvonne? I’m off on a bit of a blogging break but wanted to catch up with blogging friends first.


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