A Decade of Vintage Velvet

The night is peaceful and still, 
Its moon rests in a sky of indigo velvet.


Tonight I'm searching for the perfect velvet dress to wear in the Summer months.

"Oh, velvet is much too thick to wear in Summer!" I hear you cry.

I wouldn't be so sure about that, now...


Here's a selection of vintage, velvet, finery, most of which would be 
perfect for the warmer Summer months... well, in the UK at least.












I hope you've enjoyed browsing these gorgeous vintage shops.

Don't forget, you can find a vast array of vintage velvet at
the Melancholy and Menace shop, over on Etsy.

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. This last one is my favourite, but also love the 1940´s burgundy dress and of course 1990´s~ just adorable clothing :)

  2. They really are lovely. My fave is the strapless with the lace skirt, and the hat is a perfect styling choice! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. Let's go back! Way Back! Yes! To the 60's..
    The best decade, and always voted the best
    decade...EVER! :0).
    Velvet....Remember P.G.Proby..Hold Me..64.
    Together..64. Somewhere..64. Maria..65.
    Well known for splitting his red velvet
    pants...(trousers)...And...Yes..l had a pair
    of red velvet pants..and a pair of pink....
    (what else)..velvet pants..! They were tight
    down to the knees, then flared out over a pair
    of white patent boots..! ooooO! I'm getting so
    excited now..!!!! "WILLIE..pull yourself together,
    pretend your a pair of curtains". :).

    My favourite up top is the 1970's Genevieve Coolidge,
    love that front bit...sets it off nicely!

  4. The Zeus vintage is my absolute fav, but all of the dresses are glorious.

  5. You got me at the words Vintage and Velvet. Yes please. I'll take the 20s and 30s dresses, please. :)

  6. I love the 1950s one. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love velvet dresses! I have a ton of them and I still want more. The 80s and 90s ones are my favourites.

  8. They are all divine! I just recently bought a lovely black velvet dress off Swedish Ebay and I can't wait to break it in :)

  9. I love a velvet dress but to my own amazement I do not have even one in my collection. I must rectify this very soon. xxx

  10. these are all amazing! thanks so much for posting these! will share :)

  11. My fave is the 1970s top -- I'd wear that! Figures, because I was a teen/young adult in the 1970s when that style was popular!

  12. I love them all. But the 1920s, Via Dear Golden, and the last one are my favorites!

  13. Featuring the velvet theme through the decades was a fabulous idea for a post! I'm really bingeing on 'Dark Shadows' at the moment (movie and nineties series) and the 1960s Zeus Vintage dress looks just like something Michelle Pfeiffer could have worn as Elizabeth Collins! :)

  14. Love them all!!! But, my two favourites are the 1990's and 1940's!! They are all so gorgeous!!!

  15. Oh my these are really beautiful! Well I've had a few velvet dresses in my day and always loved them. Great post really enjoyed it!

  16. I have fallen in love with the crimson "Sticky Lipgloss" one. And I hardly ever wear colour.

  17. I'm almost positive I had that exact dress from the 1970's in my closet, except mine had black embroidery. Actually, it's probably still in the wardrobe downstairs... I didn't downsize all THAT much when we moved. lol


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