The Burton Blog Bash

I'm a bit late to the party, but...

To celebrate the release of Tim Burton's latest film,
'Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children'.

teamed up to host 'The Burton Blog Bash'.

I'm sure there are many who love Tim Burton's work as much as 
I do, and his filmography certainly is an impressive one.

 But for this blog-bash, I've decided to delve into the unknown and 
introduce you to some of Tim Burton's 'almost' and 'unproduced' Projects.


1982: The band 'Sparks' attempted to make the Japanese manga
 'Mai, the Psychic Girl' into a musical, with interest from Burton, but he 
chose to work on 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and 'Ed Wood' instead.

1988: Warner Bros. sent Burton the script for 'Hot to Trot'
but he felt it lacked imagination.

1990: Before Michael Crichton's novel 'Jurassic Park' was published, 
Hollywood studios were highly interested in purchasing the film rights. 
This included Warner Bros. with Tim Burton, 
Sony Pictures, with Richard Donner, 
and 20th Century Fox with Joe Dante. 

The rights were won by Universal and Steven Spielberg,
resulting in the 1993 film adaptation.

1991: Mr. Burton came up with the idea of making an 'Independent 
documentary on Vincent Price'. Roger Corman was also 
involved. Burton shot the film in black-and-white, but production 
ceased when Burton went to work on Batman Returns and Mr. Price 
sadly passed away in October 1993. 

Burton worked on the project again in 1994 but it was 
eventually abandoned and remains unproduced.

1992: Burton was to direct 'Stay Tuned' but left the project to 
direct 'Batman Returns' and was replaced by Peter Hyams, 
although some of the art styles still paid tribute to Burton.

1993: Tim Burton signed on as director for 'Mary Reilly' and
 intended to start filming after he completed Ed Wood, but dropped 
out after an argument with producer, Peter Guber. 

1994: The 'Catwoman' script was completed the same day 
Batman Forever was released. Burton became attached as director 
and Michelle Pfeiffer showed interest but was replaced by Ashley Judd. 

The film remained undeveloped for years and was finally 
released in 2004, starring Halle Berry.

1994: Burton was close to directing an adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's 
'The Hawkline Monster', a western/monster film that was to 
star Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson.

Burton chose to direct Mars Attacks! instead.


1997: Burton was set to direct 'Superman Lives' 
and Warner Bros. set a theatrical release date for the summer of 1998, 
which was Superman's 60th anniversary. The script was written, 
Nicolas Cage was signed on to play Superman, and the film 
entered pre-production in June 1997. 

For budgetary reasons, Warner Bros. delayed the film and finally put it 
on hold. Burton then left to direct Sleepy Hollow. 

1998: Burton was set to produce 'Goosebumps' but the 
project fell through and was later sold to Sony Pictures. 

He then developed a script for a remake of the1963 science 
fiction B-film 'X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes' 
 but it remained unproduced. 

Around this time, Burton also considered directing a 
remake of the 1960 Italian horror film 'Black Sunday'.


2000: 'Tim Burton's Lost in Oz' would have been a TV
 series based on L. Frank Baum's The Wizard of Oz book series. 
Burton would have been its executive producer.

A pilot episode was filmed in 2000, but the series became
unproduced due to budget constraints.

2002: Burton was scheduled to direct a film based on the famous 
'Ripley's Believe It or Not!' franchise, with Jim Carrey 
portraying Robert Ripley. The film ran over budget and 
was shelved, so Burton moved on to direct 
'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street'. 

In 2011, it was reported that Paramount had revived 

development of the film , and Jim Carrey was still on board.

2010: It was announced that Universal Pictures had acquired the 
underlying rights to 'The Addams Family' drawings. 
The film was planned to be a stop-motion animation, 
based on Charles Addams's original drawings. 

Tim Burton was set to co-write and co-produce the film, with a possibility 
to direct.  In July 2013, it was reported that the film was cancelled.

2010: DreamWorks announced that it had acquired the rights to a film 
adaptation of  'Monsterpocalypse', a Kaiju-themed collectible 
miniatures game. It was confirmed that Burton was attached to direct, 
but the film remains unproduced.


2011: Burton was briefly attached to direct 'Maleficent' for Disney,
but chose to pursue Dark Shadows and Frankenweenie instead.


2012: Robert Downey, Jr. enlisted Burton to direct 
Burton chose to pursue Big Eyes.

(Illustration by Andrew Tarusov)


There are probably many more, but I shall leave it there for now
and am looking forward to seeing everyone else's posts.

I'm also excited about seeing Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children.

I will leave you with my favourite Tim Burton short...


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  1. All the while Mr Burton made the correct choices, I think, I feel he wanted creative control, and with more money budget, less creative control I think.......All his work is unmistakably HIS! Unfortunately personal life cause Alice through the Looking Glass to suffer , you can't divorce your muse Hahahahah! xoxo

    Thank you for the I depth film news! I love this xoxoDebi

    1. I'd still like to see Alice Through the Looking Glass, mind you. But you're right, he did make the best choices. Thank you for dropping by, Debi ♥💀♥

  2. Okay, this is one of my favorite posts from the party. Such fantastic information, Yvonne. I must say that if Burton is to ever, ever, ever produce "The Fall of the House of Usher" I might lose myself in pure delight. How wonderful that would be. The same goes for Oz. I would LOVE to see that!

    1. Aww, thank you, Magaly. I agree, any Poe he produces will be worth watching. Tim Burton's Oz would mean Depp as the Wizard and H.B.Carter as Dorothy? 😲

  3. I enjoyed every moment of discovery you shared in this post, I actually saw the new 'Peculiar' Burton fantasy yesterday (why I so late in checking party posts hehe) I especially was interested in ',_the_Psychic_Girl' info/link and what a shame the stop motion Addams never eventuates... I watched 'Vincent' too, a great tribute to a horror legend. Have the best weekend and thx for calling by my blog too x

    1. I'm envious! I can hardly wait to see 'Peculiar'.

      A few of these would have been much more interesting, had Tim Burton worked his magic on them. Thank you for visiting x

  4. Wow! This is such a fabulous post! The one I'm sad about is the Vincent Price documentary! That would have been wonderful! I could imagine him doing a beautiful documentary about Christopher Lee too... In fact, he should do a doco on the Bat Pack of Price, Lee, and Cushing! That would be perfecto! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Thank you so much for joining the party, Yvonne! xo

    1. Oh, I agree. Now that would be a documentary worth watching. Thank you for hosting this, Emma ♥💀♥

  5. I want to see all of these! I also wish that Goosebumps book was real! Thanks so much for this informative post!

    1. Yes, what a brilliant book that would be. :)
      Thank you for hosting, Holly ♥

  6. Hi Yvonne, Love Tim Burton. So many films, who knew? Thanks for researching and sharing. Can't wait to see what's next for Mr. Burton! xx

    1. Hi Cherre,

      I'm looking forward to seeing what's next, too xx

  7. Wow, amazing brilliant post! Thankyou for all this information! Wow! Nicolas Cage as Superman!! Funny! LOL!

    1. Ha ha! I would love to have seen how the Superman film starring him, would have turned out :D


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