She's Mad, But She's Magic

"She's mad, but she's magic.
There's no lie in her fire"
~ Charles Bukowski ~

It's no secret, I love Autumn.
It's a magical time of year, filled with beautiful, burning 
shades and perfect little specimens of nature.


This leaf has been pressed between the yellowed pages of an old book.

A birthday card from my thoughtful daughter.
'Evening on the Beach', by Dame Laura Knight.

Pumpkin love, with it's Autumnal copper glow.

Hallowe'en cards in the making.

A beautiful moss specimen, perfect for filling little glass vials...

Just like this one, which I've filled with Gypsophila.

Autumn-filled bottles are now available in My Etsy Shop.

What do you love about this time of year?

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  1. I've just made my first lemon tea of the day!
    Well...l'm out of lemons so had to use a lime! :).
    I'd just wondered if anyone had posted...and lo and
    behold...the falling leaves and Autumn..!
    A 'skeleton' post..but with lovely colours!

    Do l love Autumn...Just stand out in a field/wooded
    area are and turn 360% what is there not to love, the
    trees, hedgerows, and bushes all turning and showing
    off their new colours! Fabulous! :).
    I live a few yards from a small wood, and just the other
    side of it is the river Stour..I walked down yesterday
    with a neighbour, who was off fishing for the day!
    Don't think he caught anything..otherwise he would have
    knocked on my door last night! :).'s 7:20 time for another 'lime' tea...!!! :).
    Yvonne, l did send yo a Burfday e~mail, amoung others,
    but to the old Wintermoon add...send it to you when l
    get your new one..Thanks! :0).

    1. Skeleton posts are the best! Especially first thing in the morning when you can't be bothered with reading but pretty images speak a thousand words.

      I love the sound of the woodland. I'm pining for a walk today, somewhere.

      Thank you, Willie. Have a perfect day ♥

  2. Bless you, you love it don't you and I'm sorry, I just don't get it at all.
    Damp, dark, massive spiders, having to have the heating on, no festivals, covering up my body in layers of clothes. Give me Summer, the feel of the sun on my bare back, the birds singing at 4.30am and sitting outside watching the sunset at 10pm.
    The good thing about this time of year? Peak vintage selling season and the telly's better. x

    1. Ha ha - I agree, it is damp and dark, but also cosy and colourful.
      You're a bronzed, Summer-loving beauty who loves being outdoors, but I'm a red-head who has to try and hide from the sun. I've grown accustomed to Autumn's chill and I'm all about the layers and boots. xx

  3. Autumn does wonderful things for the heart. The colors, the crafts, the yummies... It's just delicious.

    And I love that bit of moss!

  4. The beautiful Halloween card you sent me and seeing it in the making on your blog. Happy Autumn xx

    1. I'm so glad it arrived. Happy Autumn to you too, lovely Barbara x

    2. It's crazy Yvonne, I'm following Melancholy and Menace on Facebook but have only just realised it's you..... xxx

  5. Beautiful autumny post Yvonne. We are just entering spring in my "neck of the woods" which I love as my garden is bursting into life. But autumn is my other favourite season as its time to put the garden to bed for the winter (& the gardener too I might add!!!)

    1. Thank you, Julie ♥
      I do love Spring too. All the signs of new life and the sun finally shining after months of cold, dark Winter brrr! Maybe we need to start hibernating. xx

  6. A truly beautiful post!!! I think what I like most about this time of year, is the quietness, if that makes sense? The earth is going to sleep. The nights are longer. I love the entire atmosphere of it! I truly love the colours too! Even the white of winter I love too!

    1. I, like you, love all seasons equally for one reason or another ♥

  7. Such a warm beautiful home! xoDebi


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