Reading Matters

As I peek out of my workroom window, I notice that a thick,
dense fog has fallen over my garden and engulfed every tree
and shrub within its smoky-grey grasp.

It's the perfect day for wrapping up in winter woollens and
heading outdoors to explore some cloud-filled wonderland.

After hours of treading through glorious mud, what could
be more perfect than arming yourself with a mug of
drinking chocolate and curling up
with a vintage book?


Today, I'd like to share some of my recent vintage book finds,
all of which are available at Melancholy and Menace, on Etsy.


Witchcraft and Magic, by Pat Hodgson.
A 1970s hardback, exploring the history of Witchcraft.

Pyramid Energy Handbook, by Serge V. King, Ph.D.
A 1970s paperback - fully illustrated with drawings and photographs.

A 1960s hardback, for young readers.

The Occult World of John Pendragon, edited by Brad Steiger.
A 1960s paperback exploring some startling revelations 
and documented accounts of the supernatural.

Secrets of the Unknown, by Gordon Hill.
A 1970s paperback exploring some of the strangest mysteries.

The Sixth Sense, by Rosalind Heywood.
An exploration of extra-sensory perception.

For more books, simply 'Click'! 

Have a wonderful day and happy reading!

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