A Bookish Tagline (and a winner)


In my last post, I asked for help finding a tagline which would 
suit my creepy vintage book shop, and am really 
impressed with everyone's suggestions.

♥ Thank you all ♥ 

I did, however, have to choose just one that I thought would 
say everything it needed to, in as few words as possible. 

This was a truly difficult decision, but the tagline I chose was...

A massive thank you to the lovely Barbara: March of Time Books
 (don't forget to visit THE SHOP and choose your desired book)


Now all I need is a bookish logo!

See you all soon!


  1. HaHa! It's no wonder Barbara won it...
    She had enough goes...!!! :0).
    (Howling with laughter)...

    sssssh! Yvonne! Don't tell anyone, but,
    l met up with Barbara and Terry, last
    Friday, for coffee, it was a bit of a riot,
    l'm only just out on parole..! :).

    'Reading In The Dark'....! Jeeeese!
    Hello! Nala!x How are you sweet~pea...
    Looking lovely, as ever, bless!x
    She's purrfect! =(^..^)=

    Bookish Logo...Does that mean another
    competition, and give~away! :0).

    1. Aww, that sound perfect! Please tell me you guys took photos of your little gathering. Glad you had a good time (and got up to lots of mischief no doubt).

      I think the bookish logo is something I'll have to design myself, that's a bit of an ask for a blog giveaway ;) But there will be many more giveaways here.

      Nala's really happy today, rolling around in the grass and enjoying the sun ♥

      Thank you Willie, have a great day! :)

  2. Great choice! Short, snappy and says it all!

    1. It really does. Thank you Debra 😊

  3. Wow Yvonne, thank you so much – I never ever win competitions, but Willie is quite right I did have a lot more than one go – are you sure it’s legal for me to win??? 

    Shame you weren’t with us on Friday Yvonne it was a lot of fun. Willie is hysterical and lovely with it!

    A bookish logo, I will give that some though.

    Love to you and to Nala xx

    1. Haha! Of course! I didn't see any rules. I can imagine what a laugh you all had, you mischievous lot! xx

  4. Hello Yvonne, I’ve just spent a very happy hour at your shop, and if it really is OK for me to win I would love to read Selected tales by Edgar Allan Poe. As for the logo, I don’t know who I’m trying to kid I'm no good at all with that kind of thing, and you are, so I know you will come up with something really good. Hugs Barbara

    1. Oh yes, I'll work on the logo on my next day off. Thank you for a perfect tagline. Great book choice, I'll pop it in the post on Monday. xx

  5. Excellent choice!! I love it! Big Hugs!

  6. Dear Yvonne,
    thank you so much for the book, postcards and card received today. I'm taking a blogging break soon so it arrived at the perfect time. Thank you! xxx

    1. You're more than welcome, lovely Barbara. Thank you for the tagline and enjoy your break. xx

  7. Hello Yvonne, thanks again for the book, I’m really pleased with it. I’ve just done a short post on my blog, and you get a mention. xx


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