The Summer Book Giveaway (Week One)

Okay, it's not quite Summer yet, but we're almost there,
so the Summer Book Giveaway begins today!

Throughout June I'll be giving away a book each week,
 to lucky blog or Instagram followers, and all you have to 
do to take part is answer a simple riddle each time.

The books will be a mixture of new or 
pre-owned in paperback or hardback.


Today's book is a paperback copy of
Susan Hill's 'The Woman in Black'

To receive this book, simply solve the following riddle,
 and leave your answer in the comments below.


Willie was killed on Sunday afternoon.
His wife said she was reading a book.
The butler said he was in the shower.
The chef said he was cooking breakfast.
The maid said she was folding laundry.
The gardener said he was planting seeds.
Who killed Willie?


As I'm sure there will be more than one person with the correct
answer, I will also enter you all by number, into 

All winners will be announced at the end of each week.

Good luck!


  1. Just to confirm to my many fans....
    That l am alive and well....! :).
    Just a guess really...I think it's
    the 'CHEF'..Don't think he could have
    been cooking breakfast if Willie was
    killed in the afternoon..Think he's
    lying..! :).
    Numero Setti if l'm right....! :0).

    1. Ha! Nice to see you're still alive, and thank you for solving the riddle. Number seven it is 😊

  2. The chef?
    Just having coffee, before drive Brad to work thank for getting my brain awake! You made me smile so early today! Thank you dear friend! xoxoDebi

    1. Glad to wake your brain up. Next week's won't be quite so easy. You're in the draw as number one, lovely lady xx

  3. Hehe. I suspect the culprit has already been identified in the comments above! ;D

    Books and summer... perfect combo! ❤

    1. Yes, Willie's always quick to answer. And there was I thinking he'd been killed off by the chef!

      You're number two, my dear xx

  4. The butler... with the chef's knife, wearing the gardener's gloves and the maid's dress while pretending to read the wife's book while the shower was running.


    1. Haha, this really made me laugh. Trust you to get up to all kinds of mischief!

      You're number three, lovely Magaly xx

  5. I think its the Chef! Down to the fact he wouldn't be making breakfast in the afternoon.

    1. And you're right to think that :)
      Come on over to this weeks post and try your luck at the current giveaway xx

  6. This is so kind of you!!! I know, I'm really late getting around in blog land! Can't wait to find out the answer? I love Magaly's guess! LOL! I say the Chef, because he was making breakfast! Big Hugs!

    1. The Chef is correct!
      Come on over to this week's post, I have another giveaway going on xx

  7. You're awesome Yvonne! What a fun giveaway! My guess is the butler. He's supposed to be working than showering in the afternoon! Lol


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